Skorpion Home Video

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Skorpion Home Video.png

Logo: We zoom out from a blue starfield, with six stars lighting up brightest. They then connect. Then, a silver scorpion zooms in from the center of the connected dots. Behind is "SKORPION", silver as well, in an arched fashion, zooming in from the center and turning into place from the left. "Home Video" in a cursive font, flashes in, again silver. "SKORPION" sparkles two times. The logo turns gold, and shines, and the scorpion's left claw sparkles slowly once. "SKORPION" sparkles rapidly three times, and so does the scorpion, first hitting its left claw, then its tail, and finally its right claw. "Home Video" sparkles once at each word.

Technique: The dots connecting and the sparkling.

Music/Sounds: A synth drone preceding wind chimes. When the scorpion zooms in, we hear a harp arpeggio, followed by a cymbal. When "Home Video" flashes in, it transitions into a synth-pop beat mixed with orchestration.

Availability: Seen on Italian tapes from the company.

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