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Sinking Ship Entertainment is a Toronto-based children's production and distribution company founded in 2004 by J.J. Johnson, best known for all of its live-action productions.


Logo: On a white or black background, or superimposed over the show's end credits, there is a stylised ship with three white portholes. Below it is a wavy line of water that's covering the bottom of the ship, giving the impression that it is sinking. Below the ship and the water is the text "SINKING SHIP ENTERTAINMENT", all in Trebuchet MT; "SINKING SHIP" and "ENTERTAINMENT" are stacked above and below each other respectively

Trivia: The company's logo design is inspired by Titanic, along with the 1975 film Jaws.


  • On Odd Squad, the logo has two long black antlers (referring to the jackalope, a mascot of Odd Squad) placed both on the top left and top right sides of the boat that's facing up closely to the left of the screen.
  • On Taste Buds, the marblemedia logo appears above it on a white BG, as well with copyright information below in smaller letters in black.
  • On Rollplay, the logo appears on a black background in 2 shades of beige (on the top left and bottom right) corners/or sides and white pieces of coloured paper (on the top right and bottom left) sides, all spreaded and gathered in neatly (as if it is used as an art project), and the Sinking Ship boat logo is also cut into halves and nor is outlined separately as well.
  • On Dino Dan and its sequel Dino Dana, the logo is seen horizontally this time but everything in it is now tinted in hunter green and is taken place on a olive green-colored sandy desert dust of sand with an sketched tan-colored "X", which being clawed by a dinosaur in the middle of that.
    • An earlier variant where the logo is white and a dinosaur stomps it leaving the logo looking like a footprint.
  • On OSMU and Lockdown, the SSE logo appears in gold instead of black and shines slowly throughout the logo.
    • On Jane, a custom version of this variant is used. After the text rotates into place, everything becomes overgrown with plants. Near the end, a monarch butterfly can be seen flying over the overgrown ship.
  • There is also an opening version of the logo found on some shows from the company on TVO airings, which contains the text "ORIGINAL" below the outline next to the current TVOKids logo with a tiny, light blue plus sign in the middle. Below these is a long black line where the latter text meets at the bottom.
  • On some of its TV shows, the logo features a copyright notice at the bottom-middle of the screen above the Sinking Ship Entertainment text and the ship design.
    • Some shows from this company may also have the copyright notice at the bottom-middle.
  • On This is Scarlett and Isaiah, which is part of the Here We Are! trilogy, the words Sinking Ship Entertainment are in blue and in Daniel Cook's font, and the ship sails next to it.
  • On the 2019 iteration of Ghostwriter, the logo is comprised of letters, some of them spelling out some shows Sinking Ship used to work on, and the text is in a typewriter font.
  • Also on Lockdown, there is an copyright notice which appears down below in the middle of the logo which has the latter company's trapped pale gold text that reads out:

in Microsoft Office Hattenschweiler in all capital letters. Next the said info (seen above) glows after the letters of the company's name files in along with the shrinking but pops so very early for at least the quickest second led off by a sparkling fairy dust of clouds and even a huge wider bubble popping very hard in a blastout then also shrinks in throughout the entire logo before movingly fading over and shining away into its own useful transition. Also, the ship itself (colored in light gold on the very top sweeps across all the way to the middle right then makes its magic spell on the full whole entire logo. The ship also then fades and shines during the entire logo. Last but not least everything in this have the design of the ship on the middle top/the stacked company's name itself and even the said copyright info above had the logo fading to blackout but is cut off during the last two seconds or so. Even though, it then finally plasters the YouTube Originals logo right at the very end.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: The end theme of the series. The Jane variant uses an ambient sounder that ends with frog calls and rustling leaves.

Availability: Current.

  • First seen on episodes of Taste Buds.
  • The normal variant can be seen on the aforementioned show, the Here We Are! trilogy and Seasons 1-2 of Odd Squad on TVOKids, Ici Radio-Canada Télé, CBBC and PBS.
  • The variants appear on their respective stated productions.
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