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Silwa Video is a German pornographic film/home video company.

1st Logo (1972-1982?)

Logo: The logo starts with a close-up of a rotating rainbow gradient circle as it zooms out with "silwa" and a heart with an arrow fading in. Once stopped spinning, the logo fades out and another set of text reading "SILWA", "VIDEO", and "präsentiert", appearing one-by-one, wipes in, and fades in respectively.

Technique: The circle spinning and the logo fading and wiping.

Music/Sounds: An electronic drone throughout the logo. Beeps are heard in the first half whereas seven notes play in-sync with the animation of the second half.

Availability: Seen on Les grandes pompeuses, Die Maßlosen, and Fiction in Love.

2nd Logo (Late 1970's?-1992)

Logo: There is large, blue text with a white stroke and two blue, static light rays between "L" and "W" and "E" and "O". The same logo, with a trail effect, slides behind the normal logo from the bottom left corner to the upper right.

Trivia: On a news program produced by the company, this logo appears behind a news reporter.

Variants: On most tapes, the logo is off-center, aligning more towards the upper right corner of the screen.

Technique: The movement of the background text and the trail effect.

Music/Sounds: A long, held-out electronic note with dings.

Availability: Like before, seen on pornographic tapes from the company from this period such as the Happy Video Privat tapes from its first to around the forty-seventh volume.

3rd Logo (1982)

Logo: A blurry, purple circle would expand with the company logo from the 1st logo appearing over the circle.

Technique: The circle expanding.

Music/Sounds: Same as the 1st logo.

Availability: This was seen on a news program from the company.

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