Silver Style Entertainment (Germany)

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Background: Silver Style was founded in 1996 and later became the subsidiary of The Games Company. They both ended in bankruptcy by 2010. The studio's assets and IP's were bought by Kalypso Media and all remaining employees moved to the new Kalypso-owned studio Noumena.

1st Logo (1996)

Silver Style (1995).png

Logo: Many flying dots form a silver medallion on a black background. There's a dinosaur holding something in the hands. When complete, the background becomes white and the pencil flies in to draw "SILVER STYLE" below in a custom font.

Technique: The flying dots and a pencil.

Music/Sounds: TBA.

Availability: Can be seen on Der Produzent for Amiga.

2nd Logo (1998?-2007)

Silver Style (1999).png

Logo: On a processing plant, the liquid metal is poured down from a hanging converter to the box standing on rails. The box moves close to us and opens. We see the Silver Style logo inside, then the background changes to black.

Technique: All the animation.

Music/Sounds: Sound like that can be heard on a processing plant. The door opening.

Availability: Can be seen on The Fall.

3rd Logo (2007-2010)

Silver Style (2008).png

Logo: The black words "SILVER STYLE" raise up, while the blue symbol is writing itself between them. Under this, the text "ENTERTAINMENT" appears letter-by-letter, but very quickly. The logo blurs and dissolves.

Technique: Drawing sign and blurring.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Was introduced after the creation of TGC. Always uses in a pair with TGC logo on a games like Simon Sorcerer: Chaos Happens, Goin' Downtown and Everlight.

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