Showdown Productions

From Audiovisual Identity Database

Background: Showdown Productions Ltd was an Australian company established in 2003.

1st logo (2003-2013)

Logo: A close up of a cow sniffing the camera to reveal the words


and the screen fades into the red with the text on it.

Trivia: The cow's ears have a sign saying "378"

Technique: The cow sniffing and the shining.

Music/Sounds: Farm music along with the cow mooing two times.

Availability: Seen on Rural Delivery prints.

Legacy: TBD.

2nd logo (2013-??)

Logo: Some gates swing open to reveal the same text from before, in gold.

Technique: The swinging of the gates.

Music/Sounds: Western-ish music.

AvailabIlity: Seen on Road Cops.

Legacy: TBD.

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