Selecciones Capitolio

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Selecciones Capitolio is a distribution brand of the S. Huget SA company, which was founded in Bacelona, Spain in 1920 by Sadurní Huguet i Riba.

1st Logo (1930s)

Logo: Fading in with the Washington State Capitol Building and with and at the top saying 'SELECCIONES' at the top in a ribbon styled way. Then, stars coming out of the Capitol Building, forming The letters C, A, P, I, T, O, L, I, O. With the last I and O having three stars forming them instead of one star forming the letters. Then, S. Huget S.A. appears, after all that Barcelona appears at the bottom, Then the logo ends by fadung out.

Variants: None

Technique: Choppy animation.

Music/Sounds: A bombastic fanfare synched with the animation.

Availability: Only seen on movies at the time.

2nd Logo (1960s-1970s)

Logo: Same as the logo, but the animation is smoother.

Variants: A color version of the logo, where the sky is green, and the capitol is orange.

Technique: Better 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: An joyful jazz fanfare not synched with the movements.

Availability: Seen on movies at the time, like Vamos a contar mentiras.

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