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The Sega Titan Video (Sega ST-V) was an arcade board released by Sega during 1994. It is based on the Sega Saturn hardware and was released for both Japanese and American markets, with games being released until 2001 in Japan.


Sega ST-V startup.jpg

Logo: On a black background, several metallic squares start coming one-by-one far from the distance, spinning towards the screen as they eventually stick into place all while the camera zooms in and moves through the image. As it passes through the image, a semi-transparent image of a motherboard (possibly the same motherboard as the ST-V) then fades in, slightly off center to the right, and zooms out a bit as well, of which it covers the final result of the squares: a metallic plate with the futuristic-looking text "ST-V" are embossed on it, as well as 4 flathead screws in each corner. The plate eventually fades back into full view and, once the camera finally settles into position, the motherboard fades out and another semi-transparent image fades in, zooming out while rotating counterclockwise. It consists of the same logo on the plate, but in 3D, having a large border surrounding it, and is missing the "V". The logo also the text "SEGA TITAN VIDEO GAME SYSTEM" below it, as well as a white/blue gradient Sega logo underneath it. When the logo finally settles into place, the logo flashes white, causing the image to become opaque and the text "(c)SEGA 1995" in the bottom right corner. The "V" then finally comes in via "de-stretching" and then settles into place, spinning around to the right every few seconds before the logo fades out and eventually repeats.

Technique: A combination of 32-bit 2D & 3D graphics.

Music/Sounds: A 3-note synth sounder plays at first, ascending in tone with each note as a series of softer synth ticks play in the background. As the 3D logo spins in, 3 quiet, but more shrill-sounding, notes play before an final note plays and echoes out for a second. The only sound that plays after that is a "shine" sound when the "V" spins.

Availability: Appears whenever an ST-V system is turned on without game firmware.

Legacy: It took until the late 2010s for the startup screen to be discovered & commonly featured in "Game Console Startups" compilation videos.

Sega ST-V
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