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The Sega Naomi (acronym for New Arcade Operation Machine Idea) is the successor of the Sega Model 3 arcade system board. First revealed in 1998, it is an arcade development of the Dreamcast home console, since the NAOMI and Dreamcast share the same components. The difference between the Dreamcast and Naomi, however, is that the Dreamcast uses GD-ROM's for media while the NAOMI features 168MB of solid-state ROMs or GD-ROMs using a custom DIMM board and a GD-ROM drive. Unlike other Sega arcade platforms, it was available for other game publishers. Games were published for the system during 1998-2009, making it one of the most longest-running arcade systems.

(November 1998-October 21, 2009)

Logo: On a white background, we see the word "NAOMI" falling down and bouncing.


  • If there's an error on the arcade platform, the background will turn gray and the error message types in below.
  • NAOMI 2 games use the same animation - the only difference is the text saying "NAOMI 2".

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Music/Sounds: A short ascending bell sound when the logo starts bouncing, then a harp glissando accompanied by a choir.

Availability: Seen when a NAOMI arcade board is turned on.

Sega ST-V
Sega Naomi
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