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Screen Time Entertainment was a video subsidiary of CBS/Fox Video (now 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment) in Australia, created in 1984.


Logo: We see the words "SCREEN" and "TIME" in a salmon color slide in from the left and right respectively via a motion blur effect on a dark blue/black gradient background. Both words shine with some "pings" and glow in a yellow color. Then, a gold outline of a star shoots in from the right and gets filled in with gold as a laser zaps it and a ping travels around it clockwise. The word "ENTERTAINMENT", in gold, zooms out letter by letter in a trailing effect and shines brightly. Two pings draw lines across the top and bottom of the word. Both "SCREEN TIME" and the lines shine with several pings.

Technique: The sliding, glowing, trailing, and pinging; fairly good for an '80s logo.

Music/Sounds: It begins with four loud whooshes as the words slide in and shine, a "pew" sound as the star shoots in, a laser zap as the laser hits the star, and several bass notes as the word "ENTERTAINMENT" zooms out. A deep, dramatic synth bass is heard throughout.

Availability: This is extremely rare, as it was short-lived. Check Australian or New Zealand VHS tapes for this rare logo.

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