Screen Gems Pictures/Logo Variations

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Descriptions by
Sean Beard, Jess Williams, Nicholas Aczel, Internet Movie Database and others

Captures by
Eric S., Camenati, LMgamer36, wolfie14 and lukesams

These are the logo variations seen throughout the years by Screen Gems Pictures, with more to be added overtime.

D.E.B.S. (2004): The logo is covered with a blue plaid fabric except for the text and byline.

Ultraviolet (2006): After the logo has formed, the byline "A SONY PICTURES ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY" disappears, the word "PRESENTS" appears below the logo in the same font as the words "SCREEN GEMS" and the camera the pans to right, revealing the title of the movie.

The Covenant (2006): The logo is tinted in orange and even smaller. The flames are also seen inside the logo. At the end of the logo, the fire burns out.

Resident Evil: Extinction (2007) and Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010): The logo is tinted red.

Vacancy (2007) and Untraceable (2008): The logo is crimson.

This Christmas (2007): The logo is tinted in red. Also, the Screen Gems logo is decorated with white Christmas lights, Santa's hat lands on the top of the Screen Gems logo, and the words "Screen Gems" is written in a fancy script font, after a few second later, the words "Screen Gems" is moved up as the logo blurred away, seguing the opening sequence.

Fired Up! (2009): The logo is tinted in teal and as the logo finishes, it cross-fades to the moon.

Obsessed (2009) and Takers (2010): The logo is tinted in red. After the logo gets done, the animation plays backwards segueing into the Rainforest Films logo.

Easy A (2010): The logo is on a bright day sky, segueing into the film.

At the end of the movie, the camera pans up from the superimposed credits, revealing the finished logo on the same background.

Burlesque (2010): The logo is tinted in red and the text doesn't appear until the end, when spotlights shine on the logo.

Priest (2011, closing): The logo has a rough texture and scrolls with the credits in front of a smoky black background.

Friends with Benefits (2011): At the beginning of the movie, the 2011 logo is minimized into a window and put to the side on a presentation screen.

At the end of the credits, the closing print logo fades into the opening 2011 logo, which then zooms out to be revealed as an image on a television, starting the movie's post-credits scene.

Think Like a Man (2012): The 2011 logo turns green and dissolves into a clip of the 1999 logo animating in reverse, segueing into the Rainforest Films logo.

About Last Night (2014): The 2011 logo is darker, it "pulsates" to the music, the byline fades into "PRESENTS" when the logo is complete, and the same transition to the Rainforest Films logo seen in Think Like a Man is used.

Proud Mary (2018): The logo is styled like the "S From Hell" Screen Gems Television logo, albeit animating differently. The "a Sony Company" byline is also used.

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