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ScreenSound Australia was the name used by the National Film and Sound Archive during 1999 and 2004. Before 2000, the name was just "ScreenSound Australia", until the name was expanded to "ScreenSound Australia - National Film and Sound Archive" for the rest of its lifetime.


Logo: We see a filmstrip hole illuminated by light. The filmstrip then starts to move and the camera moves away so we can see other lightened filmstrips move from both sides, in groups. Once we see more film strips, we keep moving back and see engraved film strip holes from something. A flash appears behind, as we move more further from the object and it's revealed to be a megaphone. A shadow appears below the megaphone, as the name "SCREENSOUND AUSTRALIA" fades in below. More text fades in below: "NATIONAL FILM AND SOUND ARCHIVE".

Variant: An extended variant has the same animation, but "proudly preserving our screen and sound heritage" fades in after "NATIONAL FILM AND SOUND ARCHIVE" disappears.

Technique: The filmstrips moving, the lights, the camera moving back, the shadow and text fading.

Music/Sounds: A lush synth pad that gets darker, a metallic noise when the flash appears, and a 4-note synth theme after that.

Availability: Extremely rare outside Australia. May be likely seen on re-releases of old national films from the time.

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