Satori Corporation

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(Early-Late 1980s)

Logo: A series of golden dots of light zoom out across a black background, shining. They disappear as a red haze appears on the bottom of the screen, and the white text "SATORI" (in the Banco font), with "Presents" below it (in a bold Arial font) appears. Red and blue lines fly out from behind the text and move around the logo.

Variant: Sometimes there is a reddish-pink or tan line at the bottom, under the red haze.

Technique: The dots zooming out, the text appearing, the lines flying. Decent '80s computer effects and cel animation.

Music/Sounds: A descending synth sound merged with a calm synth tune. An echoing, distorted voiceover says the company name, and a series of synths are heard when the lines fly around "SATORI".

Availability: Appears on some Australian movies released around the time distributed in America. It can be found on the VidAmerica VHS of Stage Fright (a.k.a. Nightmares), the Embassy Home Entertainment VHS of The Black Planet, and the Family Home Entertainment VHS of Grendel Grendel Grendel. It is strangely not seen on the Magnetic Video VHS of Dot and The Kangaroo, but is intact on the CBS/Fox Video VHS of Dot and The Bunny (and possibly on the other early Dot films as well).

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