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Chiagozie Elobuike

Editions by
Chiagozie Elobuike, Ezinne Elobuike, Kyrongenius1, TrademarkMagic04, Jacek Janowski nr1, Celobu, and SnowflakesOmega


Samsung established its telecommunications division in 1977. The company started developing mobile phones in the mid 1990s under the "Anycall" branding in South Korea. Later on the company expanded its market in other territories, reporting over 40% growth in 2007 and becoming the second largest mobile device manufacturer in the world. The company launched its Fun Club internet portal in 2005 worldwide with multiple Samsung phones of the mid-2000s adopting its branding. Samsung is also the largest manufacturer of devices running Google's Android, with the Galaxy series having a 46% worldwide market share in 2012.

1st Logo (2002)


  • Startup: After the GPRS logo, it cuts to a pink background with binary plastered over what appears to be the continents of the world, white outlined circles, and a hexagon shaped thingy. Two shiny lights and a wireframed sphere rotate on the outlined circles. White non-outlined circles (or spotlights) appear and brighten up. A countdown starting from 3 appears and when it reaches 1, the whole entire background brightens up and disappears leaving just a plain pink background with the Samsung wordmark (which is the word S/\MSUNG in the Linotype Univers 820 Condensed Black font and with the A having no line on it) in white.
  • Shutdown: Same as the startup animation but different and with different animation. There is no GPRS logo and the pink background is replaced with an orange crystal background. An outlined circle comes into view, and lands on the crystals. A flash appears and disappears along with the detail in the background which leaves just a plain orange background with the text "SEE YOU" in white and in the Arial (or Helvetica) font.

Variant: For the S200, it uses the same animation concept as the startup and shutdown, but different. The pink background is different, and the animation is different as well. Flares slide from down to up. A flash appears on the left and the countdown from before appears this time in the left and instead of the background disappearing, it stays still with the Samsung wordmark in blue fading in. The shutdown is the same as the previous but the background is blue, and the outlined circle animation plays in reverse.

Technique: 2D animation.


  • S100: For the startup, it's a xylophone theme that also plays on the GPRS logo. For the shutdown, it is a different xylophone theme.
  • S200: For the startup, it has a happy-sounding harpsichord theme. For the shutdown, a different 4 note theme is used. These sounds are sometimes referred as "Classical".

Music/Sounds Trivia: The first 8 notes sound like the trademark "Over The Horizon" theme.

Availability: Seen on the Samsung S100 and S200.

2nd Logo (2002-2006)

Logo: Most of the time there's an animation which varies playing at the beginning, with the Samsung logo, mostly in blue or white, then fading in front of the screen.

Variants: The animation varies depending on each phone, but the most common ones are:

  • Airplane: For the startup, it shows an airplane ready to take off. Then it fades into two hands shaking each other and finally, the Samsung wordmark. For the shutdown, it has the airplane flying at sunrise. Then it fades out and only a black background with the text "SEE YOU!!" remains. This version has a different GPRS logo at the beginning.
  • Flowers: For the startup, there's a field at night with flowers and multiple lights that are floating. The camera moves up as the lights meet together. Once they collide together, they form a white background with the Samsung wordmark albeit being a little bit squished. For the shutdown, it's now set on a different flower field with a sunset sky. The lights just move around as the camera pans up. Then, the black background along with the text "SEE YOU!!" fade in. This version also has a different GPRS logo at the beginning.
  • Desert Ball: For the startup, it is on a desert, 3 balls come into view and collide forming a white background with the Samsung wordmark but in a different font. There are also two versions of the shutdown. For the P400, one of the balls fall into a deep hole. Then it fades into a black background. For the X450, it's the same shutdown animation as the P400 but instead of fading into a black background, it fades into a white background with the same Samsung wordmark from the startup. This version also has a different GPRS logo at the beginning.
  • Swan: For the startup, it starts on a sunny sky with a sparkling sea. Swans come by flying through the right, and come closer to the left. The Samsung wordmark now in its original font fades in. For the shutdown, It is now sunrise. The swans fly to the right and the sun goes down. This version has the normal GPRS logo.
  • Space Station: For the startup, it starts with a metallic portal opening up. The camera moves up as it reveals a shiny spaceship appearing and rising up. While the spaceship moves up, a white background with the Samsung wordmark fades in. For the shutdown, the camera goes down to the portal closing. Then, it fades onto a black background with "See You!!" in white. This version also has the normal GPRS logo.
  • Butterfly: For the startup, there is a close up of the butterfly, which flies against a sunny field. A white background fades in without the Samsung wordmark. For the shutdown, it takes place on an icy background. The butterfly appears and flies away, as the ice breaks into water. Some text that says "Good Bye!" appears from the water. This version also has a different GPRS logo at the beginning.

Technique: Computer animation.


  • The "Classical" startup and shutdown as mentioned before.
  • There's an alternate sound set used in some phones in which the startup starts with a bombastic trumpet following a playful theme with a xylophone and drums. The shutdown sound is a different playful theme with a "boing" sound. These sounds are sometimes referred as "Cheerful".

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • The "Classical" theme might be slightly re-arranged depending on the phone's sound chip.
  • On Korean Anycall CDMA phones from 2002-2003, a 10-note arpeggiating harpsichord theme with a xylophone crescendo at the middle is heard for the startup. The shutdown sound is a 4-note descending theme with a bell instrument.
    • On the SPH-X8000, a different shutdown sound is used, consisting of a soothing, descending bell.
  • On a few Korean Anycall phones from 2003, like the SCH-V330, SCH-X800 and SPH-X8500, an energetic theme with synthesizers and horns is heard on the startup. The shutdown sound is a rhythmic theme with horns, ending with a warp at the end.
    • On the SCH-E150M, the "Cheerful" startup sound is coupled with the above mentioned shutdown.
  • On Anycall CDMA phones with SCH- prefix from 2003-2005, a different melodic theme is used. The shutdown sound has the last notes of the same theme.
  • On some Anycall devices, a dramatic arpeggiating theme with a slight beat and whooshes is heard. The shutdown has a shortened version of the theme with the arpeggio slightly modified. These sounds are sometimes referred as "Future".
  • On a few Korean devices, a mellow theme is used for the startup and shutdown. This music was extended on the SCH-E170, where a long, quiet intro is used. This theme would later appear with extra sound effects in other international phones and used for the vortex animation.
    • For the SCH-E170 shutdown, a soothing string/flute theme is used.
  • On a few Anycall CDMA phones with realtone capabilities, a funky theme is used for the startup and shutdown.
  • On Chinese Anycall devices, an oriental theme is used.
  • On the SP-D780RD, a disco-like theme with whooshes is used for the startup. The shutdown sound is a dramatic bell theme with a warped whoosh sound.

Availability: The original version was seen on the Samsung S200. The variants are seen on these Samsung phones.

  • Airplane: D100
  • Flowers: D410
  • Desert Ball: P400 and X450
  • Swan: S300 and S300M
  • Space Station: X400 (unused for X426)
  • Butterfly: P100 and V200

3rd Logo (2003)


  • Startup: On a blurry, dominantly orange background, we see two lights appear from the sides, swirling into the center forming a circle. The Samsung wordmark zooms out as the circle glows in briefly.
  • Shutdown: We see the same lights swirling into the circle as the words "See you!" or "Good bye!!" appear.

Technique: 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: Same as the "Classical" theme but there are two octaves. One is original and one is low pitched.

Availability: Seen on the Samsung S500, E100, and E700.

4th Logo (2003-2006)


  • Startup: On a white background, we see a zig-zag shape with multiple blue spheres connected into it. It spins close to the camera. We fade into a white background and the Samsung wordmark appears.
  • Shutdown: The lines disconnect. The spheres fall down and bounce before they fade out.


  • The movement of the shape can differ in rotation, position and speed depending on the model. This can also apply to the shutdown, where the spheres are placed differently and more can be seen.
  • Some devices have a black background with "GOOD BYE" glowing in at the shutdown.
  • Some devices have the Samsung wordmark fade in over a white background at the shutdown.
  • On certain phones, the background is tinted green, the lines are shaded in green and the spheres are brighter. This time the Samsung wordmark blurs in white. The shutdown would be the same as the startup, but in reverse, with the text "GOOD BYE" blurring in over a black background at the end.
    • An unknown model features this variant, but this time the animation is slower and the Samsung wordmark is in black, fading in at the beginning. The shutdown is the same, albeit with Good Bye in a condensed black font fading in as well.
  • On later phones, the Samsung text blurs in front of the screen without the background changing. In the shutdown, it would have the line connected balls spinning out with "Good Bye" fading in over a black background. This would be updated without the Good Bye screen, with the shape intact.
  • Another variant has the green background with the balls in different colors. This notably appears in Z and P series phones.
  • One model has the intro glitching out. (or repeating.)
    • That may be because of the fast animation.
    • The shutdown does not repeat; although it just continues being a black background.

Technique: 3D computer animation.

Music/Sounds: For the startup, it's the "Classical" or "Cheerful" tunes. For the shutdown, it would be the full shutdown themes.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • On phones with true polyphonic capabilities, like the E800, E600 and D500, a bell rearrangement of the Classical theme is heard. This sound was also used in the previous logo. The "Future" sounds as described before can be heard on some of these devices.
  • For the C110, the music is low pitched.
  • On Anycall SCH- prefixed phones, a funky, energetic instrumental is heard. The original has an extended version of the music with a male voice saying "Digital Exciting. Anycall" at the end. The more common version has an alternate ending with an arpeggio. The shutdown theme used for this variant is a mellow breakbeat theme with chopped voice samples.
  • Alternate sounds were used for the SGH-D500, consisting of a rising bell arpeggio for the startup and a descending one for the shutdown. The shutdown sound was also featured on a few Z-series phones.
  • Z and P phones used a soft, bleeping arpeggio for the startup. The shutdown theme used a chiming arpeggio or the shutdown sound mentioned before.
  • The SGH-E620 model featured a more realistic re-arrangement of the "Classical" and "Future" themes, with the former having a piano and the latter having jazzy instruments.

Availability: Seen on many Samsung phones from the era including the E600, C110, E300, C200, C200N, X140, E610, P720, E850, X610, X120, and E850.

5th Logo (2005-2007)



  • Startup: On a hazy blue/purple background with a flash, a "vortex" appears. The camera then pans to the top of the vortex and then the Sprint logo appears rippling the vortex. After it appears, it turns into the Sprint Power Vision logo.
  • Shutdown: We see the same vortex on the same background with the words "Powering Off" which disappears after a second. One second later, the Samsung logo appears rippling the background, which now includes some teal rays.

Variant: On some models, the Carrier logo would not appear or would be replaced by the "SAMSUNG" text.

Technique: CG animation and light effects.

Music/Sounds: A nice, and calm sounding tune with air-whooshes.

Music/Sounds Variant: TBA

Availability: Seen on Samsung phones, where this animation is associated with a Mobile Carrier company like: Sprint or U.S. Cellular. This might also be seen on some Anycall phones. You can also watch the animations by clicking these buttons: [1], [2]

6th Logo (2008-2010)

Samsung logo 2009.png


  • Startup: On a black background, we see a turquoise blob outline appearing as the Samsung wordmark emerges and glows. The URL then appears below.
  • Shutdown: A reverse version of the startup, with a different blob animation.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Music/Sounds: The electronic rearrangement of the Samsung Mobile theme, as first heard in the Fun Club logo.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • On the SGH-F400, a hip-hop arrangement of the theme is used. The theme would be later re-used and remixed in other Beat Edition branded Samsung phones.
  • A more airy and electronic rearrangement of the theme, originally from Anycall phones, was used in a few devices.
  • On the SGH-I900 Omnia and G810, the theme is played with a plucked instrument.

Music/Sounds: Seen on some Samsung phones. It has also appeared on the first ever Samsung Galaxy.

7th Logo (2010-201?)


  • Startup: On a black-dark blue gradient, we see a blue trail across many other blue particles. The trail goes forward rapidly while following the trail. While this happens, another blue trail comes in. After we reach the end of the particle field, the particles eventually form the Samsung logo, albeit with the transparent oval.
  • Shutdown: The trails rotate in the oval before hitting the wordmark which dissolves the logo and the transparent ovall.

Technique: CGI animation.


  • A dark long piece of string while being surpassed by xylphone sounds.
  • A hiphop sound with 3 notes. This will be later used by the Samsung Galaxy in 2010.
  • An arrangement of "Over the Horizon" later used by the Samsung Galaxy II in 2011.

Availability: Seen on many phones at that era.

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