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Descriptions by
Chiagozie Elobuike

Captures by
Chiagozie Elobuike

Editions by
Chiagozie Elobuike, Kyrongenius1, CKC, TrademarkMagic04, and Celobu


Samsung Fun Club was a mobile service included in various Samsung phones from the mid 2000s to download ringtones and images, watch video clips and play video games through the world of internet.

1st Logo (2005-February 2007)

Samsung Fun Club 1.png


  • Startup: On a white background, there are 3 puddles in both yellow, magenta, and light blue. Blobs come out of them and form the text "ᴜ̇ɴ". A light blue background forms, and the ᴜ̇ɴ text moves to the left. Meanwhile, the text "Club" writes itself and moves to the right. This completes the text ᴜ̇ɴ Club. The Samsung wordmark appears above the ᴜ̇ɴ Club text. The URL appears below as well. There is also a reflection under the ᴜ̇ɴ Club text.
  • Shutdown: The blobs from the startup all fall in swirling over a light blue circular background. The background turns white, and the Samsung wordmark in blue fades in along with the ᴜ̇ɴ Club text below and the URL. Both are which small and under the big blue S/\MSUNG wordmark.

Technique: A mix of 3D and 2D animation.


  • Originally, it was the same music from the Samsung Mobile startup and shutdowns. This included the new music from the variants, and different polyphonic versions of the themes.
  • A 6-note theme, beginning with ascending chimes and played mainly by a synth. The shutdown sound had different notes, and these were adjusted again in later devices. Other slight rearrangements exist. This was mostly featured in 2005 phones.
  • A repeating theme, which was first used on the D600 and P850. It is slightly modified in the shutdown. Later phones featured a loungy rearrangement of this tune.
  • A mellow 5-note theme with strings. The notes are different in the shutdown version. Used on devices like D600, E250, and E390.
  • An ascending theme with strings. The shutdown sound had a descending version of the theme. This was mainly used for basic CDMA phones by Samsung.
  • A 7-note happy-sounding plucked synth tune. The notes are adjusted with a pad playing along it in the shutdown.
  • A 4-note tune. For the startup, it goes A, G, A, C. Quieter bleeping notes are heard at the end. For the shutdown, it goes A, F, A, G; the first two notes of the shutdown are higher pitched. This theme would then become adopted by Samsung Mobile during the rest of the 2000s. There could be a synth chord drone accompanying the melody or none, depending on the model.

Availability: Seen on some Fun Club phones, beginning with SGH-D600 and ending with SGH-C160.

2nd Logo (2006-2008)

Samsung Fun Club 2.png Samsung Fun Club high contrast.png Samsung Fun Club with blue Samsung wordmark.png


  • Startup: Gold dots form a gold Ḟ. We then zoom out of the magenta ᴜ̇ which is also filled with dots. After zooming out it is revealed to be the text "ᴜ̇ɴ" with the ɴ being blue instead of light blue. It then cuts to the same thing from before but with a black background and with an extra "www." right next to "".
  • Shutdown: We zoom in from the different letters of ᴜ̇ɴ. The ᴜ̇ɴ Club text then zooms out and the same thing from the startup appears.


  • Sometimes the logo can be high contrasted.
  • There is a variant where after the ᴜ̇ɴ text forms, the end is shown for a split second. Then a new scene plays. Blue dots form the blue S/\MSUNG wordmark. After that, it cuts to the end of the startup but this time with the Samsung wordmark blue and the entire screen squished.
  • A variant exists on Anycall phones where the "Anycall" text is shown next to the Samsung logo.


  • An ascending harp, leading to the rearrangement of the 4-note bell theme used by Samsung Mobile for the time. The shutdown version has a similar rearrangement.
  • Another re-arrangement of the 4-note theme, with electronic instruments and a slight beat, with a whispered voice that sounds like its saying "down, down" at the middle. The shutdown version of the theme is similar.
  • There are other rearrangements of the sounds, mostly on lower-spec devices.
  • On Chinese Anycall devices, a Chinese-style rearrangement of the theme is used.

Availability: Seen on some Fun Club phones.

3rd Logo (2006-2008)

Samsung Fun Club 3.png


  • Startup: Multiple light streaks appear around the screen and form the Samsung Fun Club logo from before as particles appear around it. The URL fades under.
  • Shutdown: The logo disappears as the particles are seen around it.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Music/Sounds: The 3rd rearrangement of the 4-note theme.

Availability: Seen on the Samsung SGH-L310 and some other Samsung Fun Club phones.

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