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The Atomiswave is an arcade board made by Sammy Corporation during the mid-2000s, based on the Sega NAOMI board, using interchangable game cartridges and controls. Most of the games made in the early days were mostly by Sega or Sammy, until SNK jumped in on the production of 5 games for the arcade board during 2005-2006 until moving unto the Taito Type X2 PC board.


Logo: On a pure black background, the word "ATOMISWAVE" is shown in white. A small blue beam of light draws the outline of the symbol of the logo. When it's complete, both the background and the name flash, and the texture of the symbol appears, which looks like a green/orange ribbon wrapped around three times.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Music/Sounds: A faint high-pass synth chord, followed by a 6-note synth bell, culminating with a major chord during the flash.

Availability: Rare, since this only appears when an Atomiswave game is booted up. Among some of the games using the board system include Neo-Geo Battle Coliseum, Metal Slug 6, Fist of the North Star, Guilty Gear X Version 1.5, Samurai Shodown VI, The King of Fighters XI, and others, mostly made by Sega, Sammy or SNK.

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