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Not to be confused with Saban Films.

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(Mid-Late 1980s?)

Saban Picture.webp

Logo: On a space background that features two circles (which both resemble the Earth and the Sun), a gold upside down segmented triangle flies over, soonly after it flies back, taking position over the middle. The background then turns into black. "SABAN" flies over underneath the triangle, and so does the text "PICTURE", which is settled in a gold rectangle. The logo then shines, and various copies of it can be seen zooming out, all in a white border, which causes all of them to flip out of the space background, as it forms a cheap explosion. The explosion zooms forth as it reveals the text "PRESENTA:" zooming in.

Technique: Primitive 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: A deep-sounding theme with soft whooshes as the triangle flies over, as it then segues to a dramatic triumphant theme, ending with an explosion.

Availability: Not much is known about this company, so you might look through some releases of them that have a Saban Picture label over it.

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