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(August 28, 1987)


Logo: On a brown wall, there are two portraits of a man and a woman. Both portraits have some rows of red flowers and a row of white and purple flowers around them. Below the portraits there are two half coconuts (in the middle of them, there are some yellow flowers), some white and purple petals and some orange flowers, all that over a table with a purple blanket.Then, the camera appears in front of a statue of a fat god (similar to Dwarakish Chitra's 3rd Logo) inside a black block, with similar rows of flowers from the previous portraits, and the same petals, the two half coconuts and flowers below all of them over a table with a purple blanket. After, there's a poster of another god. On the table below it there are petals, some flowers, two half coconuts and some rows of red flowers.Following that, we see a big portrait (above a table) of a man dressed in white, who is wearing sunglasses and a white cap. At the right of the portrait there's a little girl in red clothes (with some white flowers with lace) and holding some books, speaking about the dead person. Finally, we see a big yellow "S L S", over a white pedestal, where "PRODUCTIONS" is in red. The pedestal is over a table with petals and flowers.

Trivia: The man on the last portrait is M. G. Ramachandran, a famous Indian actor, producer (he was the founder of Emgeeyaar Pictures Ltd) and the former Prime Minister of Tamil Nadu, from 1977 to 1987. The sunglasses, the cap and the white clothing were the way what M. G. Ramachandran always appeared in public. The logo is from 1987, so it's obvious than the logo was shot after M. G. Ramachandran's death.

Technique: Live action.

Music/Sounds: The melody of a tampura with two notes of a lyra when we see the first two portraits and the statue of the fat God, with some strums of an harp when we see the poster of the other God. The logo is silent, only the girl speaking, when we see the portrait of M. G. Ramachandran. Finally, when we see the logo of the company, a playable melody with a synth and some electric instruments is heard.

Availability: Seen only on Krishnan Vanthan.

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