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SIE Films ("Sindicat de la Industria de l'Espectacle Films" in Catalan or "Sindicato de la Industria del Espectáculo Films" in Spanish) was a Spanish film producer based in Barcelona (Catalonia) during the Spanish Civil War. In Catalonia, the anarchist trade union CNT-FAI made a great collectivization of services, among them was the cinema. The SIE made some documentaries and propaganda for the CNT-FAI diffused on republican held territories.


Logo: We see a siderurgic industry, where some workers with hammers hitting an iron hot bar. They hit the bar several times while "S.I.E. Films" appears piece-by-piece (in time with the hits). The word "Presenta" appears below while "S.I.E. Films" is shinning.

Technique: The stars forming the text, and the text shinning.

Music/Sounds: A bombastic fanfare made by an orchestra. But in ¡¡Ayuda a Madrid!! the music is the opening of the movie's theme.

Variant: There's a variant in ¡¡Ayuda a Madrid!! where the text of the logo is "C.N.T. F.A.I." in time of "S.I.E. Films".

Availability: Appears on films such as ¡¡Ayuda a Madrid!!, Aurora de esperanza, El cerco de Huesca, Teruel ha caído or La conquista de Carrascal de Chimillas.

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