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SF Studios is a Swedish film production company and distributor (both Swedish and international) based in Stockholm, Sweden and owned by the Bonnier Group. The largest film studio in Sweden, it was established on 27 December 1919 as Aktiebolaget Svensk Filmindustri (AB Svensk Filmindustri) or Svensk Filmindustri (SF), and adopted its current name in 2016. The company distributes titles from Warner Bros. Pictures, Sony Pictures, MGM and StudioCanal in that region as well as Finland, Denmark and Norway. SF's titles are also distributed through their subsidiaries in Norway (SF Studios Norge), Finland (SF Film Finland) and Denmark (SF Studios Danmark).


Logo: There are two variants:

  • Underwater, we see blue and red rays shining and water rippling. We see bubbles rise up and fly freely as we pan up and zoom in (with some visible water spots) to reveal the full setting to be a forest at sunrise. There are pine (and other type of) trees with a few houses in front with grass and other trees and mountains in the background. We see red haze swiveling through all this on the right, and the camera tilts a bit so the sun stays shining on the horizon. On the sky, we see a flock of birds flying north (The sun rises in the east). The haze now shows up to the right and moves like the filmstrips in the 1997 Medusa logo, which forms the "SF" logo from the previous logos and also "STUDIOS" below. The haze disappears and the logo shines.
  • Through some clouds, we see some mountains, as a flock of birds fly past. The camera moves down to the location of the first variant, except at midday, as the haze flies up, the background fades to that of the first variant, and the logo ends the same way.


  • In 2019, the company celebrated their 100th anniversary with a variant that added two blue flashes and extra text at the end of the logo, which form "- 1919-2019 -" and "CELEBRATING 100 YEARS" respectively. The entire logo is pushed up to accommodate for the changes.
  • A short variant exists at the end of TV series.
  • At the end of some films, a horizontal print logo exists.
    • On the trailer for A Man Called Otto, the logo is in orange.

Technique: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: We hear strings and 15 mallet notes, then a powerful re-orchestration of the SF newsreel theme.

Availability: Current. Can be seen on the company's newer releases. The second variant was uploaded to YouTube by SF Studios Norge. Also used as a de-facto home video logo.

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