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The station was founded in 1996 as TV Tropical by Sistema Ourominas de Radiodifusão, owned by Silval Barbosa, also owner of TV Ourominas (affiliated with SBT in Matupá).

1st Logo (13th Anniversary) (2011)

Logo: In a orange and yellow background, we see an orange circle zooms in that's have a black coconut tree inside it. Then when the camera pans, the shell of the circle spins. And it changes the direction when the camera zooms out. We cut to an orange-yellow-green-red background, we see a shining that's reveal the "13 ANOS" letter. And then we cut again to the same background, and another shining reveals the logo. Underneath the logo, it says: "TV Tropical Canal 10".

FX/SFX: Everything in the logo. Choppy animation, espicially for the 2010s.

Music/Sounds: The Gazeta fanfare.

Availability: Very rare.

Legacy: It's really confusing because they are 15 years old when it is 2011, yet somehow they say that they are "13 Anos" in this logo. But nonetheless, this logo has been notourious for its choppy animation, and especially the blatant use of the Gazeta fanfare.

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