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SAV (an acronym for Sociedad Anónima del Vídeo) is a Spanish video distributor that was formed in 1982. It was an independent label until it was purchased by Grupo Planeta in 1999 and rebranded as SAV-DeAPlaneta Home Video. The company became Emon Home Entertainment in 2008 after they acquired SAVOR (one of their subsidiaries) from Group Planeta. The company continues to operate under the Emon moniker (as well as SAVON and DeAPlaneta.)

1st Logo (1992-1998)


Logo: On a background resembling rough wallpaper (with a sand-like color), three vertical rectangles drop down. The first two are yellow and green and they drop next to each other, while the third is red and it stops beneath the yellow rectangle. The black letters "S.A.V." slide in from the right, and a black line slides in from the opposing side, stopping under the rectangles. The shapes then disperse (in order, line, green rectangle, yellow rectangle, red rectangle and the text). As the shapes move, 3D shadows of the objects are left behind.

Technique: The shapes sliding.

Music/Sounds: A four note synth theme. The shapes fall in sync with the music. When the line stops, a clank is heard, then a synth buzzing noise. Faint whooshes are heard as the shapes disappear.

Availability: Seen on a Spanish VHS of Magical Mystery Tour. Might've also been seen on other SAV tapes (given their expansive library) prior to 1999. Also seen on Spanish VHS of Sylvanian Families.

2nd Logo (1998-2008)


Logo: On a space background, a silver filmreel zooms out while rotating and reveals a Saturn. Then a filmstrip passes by, and the vertical bars and the line from the previous logo, but now in silver, fly down while we pass through the top of the Saturn as many sparkles appear. Then, the several beams fade in and fly through the screen, and the letters "s.a.v" in silver, in the same font as before, zoom in from the top left corner, and place next to the vertical bars, as the optical disc scrolls up, followed by the videotape, and we pass through the Moon, changing the background to black, just leaving the logo. The logo fades out at the end.

Technique: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: Four weird synthesized notes with rising sounds, followed by the 13-note triumphant fanfare.

Availability: Seen on later tapes and DVDs released by the company, for example: a 2006 Spanish DVD of The Odyssey.

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