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SAS-7, originally, SAS-10 is the current Adelaide affiliate of the Seven Network. The station was originally an affiliate of the 0-10 network. In 1987, the station was sold to Network Ten. This lead to a frequency swap between SAS-10 and ADS-7.

SAS-10 (1965-1987)

1st Logo (early-mid 1970s)

SAS-10 Adelaide (1972).png

Logo: A series of clips are shown of a woman spending time in a park, followed by another segment of two women on a beach with a dog. As the beach clip begins, the SAS logo, a numeral 10 in a box shaped like a CRT television zooms in, superimposed against the footage.

FX/SFX: Live action.

Music/Sounds: A slower, piano-driven version of "Macarthur Park", the Hugh Montenegro cover of which was used by TEN-10 at the same time.

Availability: Extinct.

2nd Logo (1977)

10 Adelaide (1977).JPG.jpg






3rd Logo (1978)

10 Adelaide (1978).JPG.jpg






4th Logo (1979-1980)

SAS-10 Adelaide (1979).png
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Logo: On a black background the sun is seen rising from a horizontal plane with an orange glow behind it. The sun then transitions to a number of bright lights, which dim to reveal a silver SAS-10 logo which gleams in the light

Variant: A short variant cuts the "sunrise" portion.

FX/SFX: Presumably a live-action model, similar to the Ulster Television ident of the same period

Music/Sounds: The "Come up to Ten" jingle, also used by TEN-10 in Sydney at the time.

Availability: Extinct.

5th Logo (1981-1982)

10 Adelaide (1981).JPG.jpg

Logo: On a starfield, a metallic SAS logo like the one in the previous ident swings upwards and zooms into place, shining the whole time.

FX/SFX: Live-action model effects

Music/Sounds: Male singers singing "You're on top with 10"

Availability: Extinct.

6th Logo (1982-1983)

10 Adelaide (1982).JPG.jpg

Logo: The words "You can see it all on" scroll across from right to left, glowing as they do so. Then, a flash of light reveals the SAS logo from the previous ident, now gold and shining. The logo rotates, revealing a gold map of South Australia, which shifts to the right. "You can see it all" flies out from the bottom corner of the map, followed by the same gold 10 logo. the "10" numeral flashes as the ident ends.

Variants: In some promos, the ident is split. The first half plays up to where the logo itself appears before transitioning into the promo itself. After the promo, the second half plays, starting with the words flying out of the South Australian map.

FX/SFX: Scanimate and early computer effects

Music/Sounds: an upbeat disco-style jingle featuring the lyrics "You can see it all on 10, you can see it every day"

Availability: Extinct.

7th Logo (Early 1980s)

SAS-10 Adelaide (1983).png

Logo: A glowing orange rectangle rises and tilts to face forward. A flash of light from the middle of the rectangle reveals the SAS-10 logo which shines as "We're with you!" in a cursive font flies into place and shines. The entire logo and slogan then shines.

FX/SFX: Scanimate and early computer effects

Music/Sounds: A funky, brassy fanfare with the vocals "Channel 10, we're with you"

Availability: Extinct.

SAS-7 (1987-)

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