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Logo: On a white cloth-like background, we see the text "RUTHLESS" and "PICTURES" above and below each other respectively, in blood red. We also see drops of blood slowly increasing more in size. We slightly pan around the logo.

Technique: Short CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: The opening theme of the show.

Availability: Unknown. First appeared on Aberration (2007).

Ruthless Studios

(June 13, 2016-2017?)

Logo: On the background of two gray squares diagonally cross each other with the break in the middle to look like a black lightbeam with fog at the left and water ripples at certain spots, we see the silver "RUTHLESS STUDIOS" zooming backwards.


  • On Star Paws, it is shortened.
  • On Amazing Trains, to accompany the opening film, David Gruwier's Round Trip, its in an scope ratio, giving more of a view of the background. It is extended, and an effect is added: a blue light glows in on the second "S" in "RUTHLESS" which then dims out before fading to black.

Technique: Cheap CGI animation, probably made using Adobe After Effects in just 15 minutes.

Music/Sounds: The start of the trailer music.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • The shortened version has the opening theme starting over it.
  • The extended version is silent.
  • On the English version of Jungle Tales, it has the Cine Argentino's logo music and sounds, a bit about the first part fades in, which leads into the supporting credits.

Availability: The studio's features is distributed through home media by MVDVisual. It can be seen in the above-mentioned. The normal version is seen on the trailer for Fishtales, but not in the feature itself.

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