Roundelay-MF Productions

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Compiled by
Ben Masters, BigRene2, Michael Bass, and Eric S.


Roundelay was the vanity card of Knots Landing creator David Jacobs. In 1985, Michael Filerman joined up and the company became Roundelay-MF Productions.

(November 20, 1980-May 13, 1993, May 7-9, 1997)

Logo: Simply the word "Roundelay" in a blue semicircle, with the text "A ROUNDELAY PRODUCTION IN ASSOCIATION WITH" under it. When Filerman joined in 1985, a yellow-green "MF" was added to the logo, centered under the semicircle; and the text below was amended to read "A ROUNDELAY-MF PRODUCTION IN ASSOCIATION WITH”, and this is usually followed by either a then-current Lorimar logo, a Lorimar-Telepictures logo, or a WBTV logo.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: The closing theme of Knots Landing or a generic CBS theme used on the 1997 miniseries.

Availability: Both logos (Roundelay and Roundelay-MF) appear on Knots Landing, as well as the 1997 Knots Landing miniseries. The "Roundelay" variant appears on the TV movie Dallas: The Early Years.

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