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Ronin Films is a Canberra-based film distribution company.


Logo: On a black background, a hand-drawn, white outline of a samurai with powder blue and yellow-green shading is sitting for a few seconds before kneeling and taking out his katana. He proceeds to stand up and step towards the center while still facing the left direction, lowering the blade for a little bit before raising and swinging it, allowing the text "RONIN FILMS" with a white shadow to wipe in. Now facing the right, the samurai puts his katana back into his saya, slightly moving before freezing entirely while the white text "PRESENTS" fades in underneath the company name and to the right of the samurai.

Technique: Stylized traditional animation combined with the text appearing.

Music/Sounds: Ambience noise throughout and a few slashes and swooshes to go along with the actions in the logo.

Availability: Current and common. This is mainly seen on Australian releases since the 1990's such as Shine, Traps, Wild, Ella, and many more.

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