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Rodik, Inc. was a Japanese software and multimedia production company turned research and development company that was founded in 1994 and closed sometime between 2003 and 2005.[1][2] They are best known for producing Cookie's Bustle, a 1999 point-and-click game for Windows and Mac OS that became infamous in 2023 for a series of copyright takedowns targeting videos, streams and other uploads of the game and its content starting in late 2022.[3]

(Dec 9, 1999)


Logo: On a zooming starfield, we see multiple rotating rings of text reading, in white and clockwise, "RODIK Incorporated The World Wide Quality Software Company" slowly fly in from the sides of the screen to the background before fading out, switching between slightly transparent and opaque states as they do so. The company logo, which is the name "RODIK" in silver, then fades in as a blue flare shines through the logo from left to right.

Technique: 2D digital animation.

Music/Sounds: An ambient synth track. When Rodik's logo appears, a male narrator can be heard saying "Rodik Incorporated".

Availability: Very rare. Seen on at least one game developed by them, which is Cookie's Bustle.


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