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In 2002, Take-Two Interactive Software acquired Angel Studios and merged it into the Rockstar family under the San Diego banner, forming "Rockstar San Diego".

(April 9, 2003-May 21, 2010)

Logo: The usual Rockstar shield, but colored purple.


  • Midnight Club II: We see a waving water surface in place of the shield. Then, the "R" shape fades in with the star turning white in a flash, while the water surface fades out. "SAN DIEGO" fades in below.
  • Midnight Club III: The shield is formed by carwheel footprints. When it fully forms, a copyright symbol and "ROCKSTAR SAN DIEGO" in a new-age font appear below.
  • Midnight Club: Los Angeles: The shield fades in moving from left to right choppily, while shadow copies of it move at a faster rate.
    • On Midnight Club: L.A. Remix (the PSP version), the animation plays at a faster rate.
  • Red Dead Redemption: A spinning coil of a bar machine appears and presents the Rockstar San Diego logo (spinning in slower than the preceding Rockstar Games logo). The logo is shot and vanished in a small cloud of smoke.

Technique: Depends on the game.

Music/Sounds: Depends on the game.

Availability: Appears with other Rockstar subdivisions on said games.

Angel Studios
Rockstar San Diego
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