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1st Logo (c. 1986-1992)

Logo: On a black background, we see the text "ROADSHOW TELEVISION" as the Roadshow "V" is drawn in the same way as the theatrical counterpart at the time, but quicker and with the "V"s being drawn simultaneously. The "V" shines and "VILLAGE ROADSHOW CORPORATION" appears below.

Variants: Sometimes, depending on who released the film, a transition appears after the logo had finished.

  • New World Pictures: The logo zooms out toward one of the segments used in the New World logo. The New World logo zooms out.
  • Orion Pictures: The logo zooms out, cheesily chroma-keyed onto the Orion starfield.
  • Carolco Pictures: The logo zooms out into the start of the Carolco logo.
  • The Rank Organisation: The logo zooms out to the center of the Rank Organisation gong.

Technique: The V being drawn in and the shining.

Music/Sounds: A shortened version of the Roadshow Films theme of the time for the regular variant. The other variants used the respective logos' themes.

Availability: Ultra rare. The regular variant made surprise appearances on the SBS On-Demand print of Man of Flowers (which is no longer available for streaming) and the Umbrella Entertainment DVD of Dead Easy. The other variants are extinct. If you live in Australia or New Zealand, check your old tapes!

Legacy: This logo may creep-out first time viewers, but the transition thing was actually a pretty cool idea for the time.

2nd Logo (1992-2010)

Logo: Same as the current Roadshow Entertainment logo, but with "TELEVISION" replacing "ENTERTAINMENT".

Variants: Like the previous logo, this logo sometimes transitions to another company's logo.

  • Miramax Films/International: The logo sticks to the 'blue M' of the 1987 Miramax logo animation and fades away.
  • New Line Cinema: On both the prototype and then-current version of the 1994 logo, as well as the 1992 logo, the logo either zooms out or sticks to the back of the rectangle of the New Line logo.
  • Spelling Films International: The logo transitions upwards by a cube effect. The second half of the pre-1995 Spelling logo plays.
  • Morgan Creek: The logo becomes the background for the start of the 1991 Morgan Creek logo.
  • Capella Films: The Roadshow logo zooms out into the start of the Capella logo.
  • Mandalay Entertainment: We zoom through a gap in one of the segments of the Roadshow logo into the short version of the Mandalay logo.
  • Beacon Pictures: The Roadshow logo zooms to the top right of the screen towards the 1997 logo. While the light shines on the logo, the Roadshow logo fades out.
  • Regency Enterprises: The Roadshow logo fades out after the 1994 Regency logo is formed.
  • New Regency: The Roadshow logo runs either in warp or regular speed and folds down into the New Regency logo.
  • Castle Rock Entertainment: The Roadshow logo remains until the 1989 Castle Rock logo's beacon pushes the Roadshow logo away in a cheap transition. Another version has the same concept as before, but with the 1994 "Turner" logo.
  • Island Pictures: The Roadshow logo zooms out while the animation from the Island logo starts during this transition.
  • New World Pictures: The Roadshow logo flips back into the start of the 1984 New World logo.
  • Rysher Entertainment: The Roadshow logo squeezes over to the 1995 Rysher logo.
  • Cinergi Pictures: The Roadshow logo flies away with the rotating "C" of the Cinergi logo.
  • Carolco Pictures: The Roadshow logo zooms out to the middle of the "C" in the Carolco logo once it has formed, then the tail end of the Carolco logo is sped-up.

Technique: Same as the current Roadshow Entertainment logo.

Music/Sounds: Same as the current Roadshow Entertainment logo.

Music/Sounds Variants: The following music plays on the variations listed above.

  • Miramax Films/International: The Roadshow Films theme, the 1987 Miramax theme or the opening theme of the movie.
  • New Line Cinema: The Roadshow Films theme (which is sometimes re-orchestrated), the New Line Cinema music, composed by Michael Kamen, the opening theme of the movie or oddly, the 1992-1995 Roadshow Entertainment theme.
  • Spelling Films International: The Roadshow Films theme.
  • Morgan Creek: The Roadshow Films theme or the Morgan Creek theme, taken from the overture from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, composed by Michael Kamen.
  • Capella: The opening theme of the movie or the Roadshow Films theme.
  • Mandalay Entertainment: Either the long Mandalay music or the Roadshow Films music.
  • Beacon: Silent Roadshow TV logo followed by the Beacon theme or the opening theme of the movie.
  • New Regency: The opening theme of the movie or oddly, the previous logo's theme.
  • Castle Rock Entertainment: The Castle Rock theme, composed by Marc Shaiman, the Roadshow Films theme, or the opening theme of the movie.
  • Island Pictures: The opening theme of the movie.
  • New World Pictures: The 1992-1995 Roadshow Entertainment Theme.
  • Rysher Entertainment: The Rysher music.
  • Cinergi Pictures: The Roadshow Films theme.
  • Carolco Pictures: The theme from the Carolco logo, composed by Jerry Goldsmith.

Availability: Common.

  • Only seen on Australian and New Zealand TV airings of Roadshow material. However, movies from mid-2010 onwards do not have any Roadshow logo at all and instead carry the normal logos of the movie.
  • Outside of Australia it appears on Amazon Prime's print of Brilliant Lies.
  • Roadshow stopped using combo variants in the mid-2000s (the New Line variant was used as late as 2008). Some of the variants are hard to find due to the updating of prints; there could possibly be more than those already listed.
    • The New Line version is still found on a number of New Line movies.
    • The Miramax version is still seen on a number of Miramax/Dimension productions like Spy Kids and The Talented Mr. Ripley.
    • The Mandalay version (with Mandalay music) appears on Serving Sara and has appeared on Asutralian DVD releases of The Muse and Shadowlands (the latter appearing with the Spelling Films variant).
    • The Morgan Creek version can be seen on The Whole Nine Yards and The Last Exorcism.
    • The Capella version has been spotted on Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery and Drop Dead Gorgeous.
    • The Beacon version can be seen on The Hurricane and The Family Man.
    • The New Regency version is retained on current Australian TV airings of Six Degrees of Separation.
    • The Island version appears on '90s TV prints of John Grisham's The Gingerbread Man strangely preceded by the 1998 PolyGram Films logo.
    • The Castle Rock version with the Turner byline can be seen on the infamous North on Foxtel.
    • The Rysher variant was spotted on A Smile Like Yours.

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