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Bumper descriptions by TrickyMario7654 Video captures by AussieRoadshow

1st Bumper (1982-1985)

  • Bumpers seen between 0:00-0:09*

Bumper: We see four screens, each containing scenes from a film released by Roadshow Home Video. Here's what films are seen.

Version 1: Mad Max (Top left) - We see a car doing a stunt and crashing straight thru a caravan. Then we see Max's car doing a drift around obstacles. Far East (Top right) - We see a women in-front of people dancing, we see her turn towards a man that's looking at her. We then cut back to the women. Gallipoli (Bottom left) - TBA Puberty Blues (Bottom right) - TBA Version 2: Young Doctors In Love (Top left) - TBA First Blood (Top right) - TBA High Road To China (Bottom left) - TBA Lone Wolf McQuade (Bottom right) - TBA

Trivia: In version 1, every film seen there is an Australian film.

Technique: The live action seen in the films.

Music/Sounds: Just a male voice-over saying "For More Movie Previews, Keep Watching after the end of the film."

Availability: Seen on Roadshow releases that have previews after the film. Version 2 is likely more easier to find due to it's longer usage.

2nd Bumper (1985-1992)

Bumper: We start off with the Roadshow Home Video logo (without the text below the logo), it then transitions via a page turning effect to a scene from a movie. After a few seconds, it transtions to another film using the same effect as before, we then see it transtion to two more films, using the same transition effect. Each film seen in the bumper's two versions are a title released on Roadshow Home Video (or one of its sub-labels). The films seen in each version is listed below...

Version 1:

  1. 1: The Woman In Red - TBA
  2. 2: The Terminator - TBA
  3. 3: The Flamingo Kid - TBA
  4. 4: The Neverending Story- TBA

Version 2:

  1. 1: The Mission - TBA
  2. 2: Angel Heart - TBA
  3. 3: Flight of the Navagtior -TBA
  4. 4: Wanted: Dead or Alive - TBA

Technique: The page turning effect & the live action film footage.

Music/Sounds: TBA

Availability: Seen on releases from the era that have previews after the movie. Not all releases from the era had previews after the film.

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