Roadhouse Productions

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Logo description and capture by edunk5

Background: Roadhouse Productions was an Australian production company founded by Rex Hunt to produce his program, Rex Hunt Fishing Adventures.


Logo: On a dusty blue background, yellow transparent lines fly from the bottom of the screen over to the top before flying down to form a blue-grey square with a metallic blue R and a border in the same color where it emits a shine around it before disappearing. "ROADHOUSE" fades in below and "PRODUCTIONS" appears underneath both in a gold Times New Roman font.

Technique: The lines, shining, and text.

Music/Sounds: A metallic drone fanfare and a whooshing synth the lines make, similar to that of a helicopter's rotor.

Availability: Near extinction. It was only seen on Rex Hunt Fishing Adventures throughout most of it's run which no longer airs on TV now, though there is a chance that you could find it on the show's DVD releases.

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