Rialto Distribution

From Audiovisual Identity Database

Descriptions by
Sagan Blob

Video captures courtesy of
OZ_Paramount87 (aka Logo Archive)


Rialto Distribution is an Australian/New Zealand distributor for art-house and foreign films. It's not to be confused with with Rialto Pictures, whose the company co-reissued the British film The Third Man (1949).


Logo: It start from a black background with some environment views in fast pace reveal clockwise, which later replaced by sky views with plane (resembling an airport view), until we see an environment with a red sky, up to a space (or starfield) view. Later, a abstract white outlined star, along with "RIALTO" wording in ITC Avant Garde Gothic font also reveal themselves clockwise on a teal blue background, completing the logo.

Technique: The revealing, with fast-pace real live action.

Music/Sounds: A "warbling" tune accompanied by xylophone, followed by a whoosh when the logo appears.

Availability: Very uncommon. It was seen on distributed films in Australia and New Zealand, but not in the North America or Europe; example are Weekend (2011), Edie (2017) and The Corrupted (2019), among others (as of this posting, it can be viewed on SBS On Demand). The filmed variant is seen on The Gateway (2018).

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