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Christian Chong

Logo (198?)

Logo: We first see a blurry picture with yellow, green, and orange shades. The picture then focuses and zooms out, revealing the lime three-dimensional text that says "REX", with each letter connected, on a yellow background. Below it, we see several copies of the text "VIDEO". The logo stays on screen for 45 seconds before the beginning of the logo plays in reverse.

Technique: The focusing and zooming out.

Music/Sounds: A Jean-Michel Jarre-styled new-age theme, consisting of a synth bassline, accompanied by the laser zap, which segues into the synth string section, which drowns out the bassline. When the last chord is held, another lazer zap, which increases in the pitch instead of decreasing, followed by another one, but higher, and the held chord fades out, leaving only the bassline.

Availability: Extremely rare; check some Spanish VHS tapes.

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