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Background: Retecapri is a Italian television channel, which went on the air in 1982.

1st Logo (1984-1987)

NOTE: Logo starts at 1:33

Logo: On a red and blue background, with a white line separatingthe two colors, we see a black silhouette of a family and their dog watching random stuff on a screen (The planet Earth moving, and what seems to be a star making an unknown object explode). The scene on the screen then changes to the 1984 Telecapri logo. The Telecapri logo then zooms in, with "Retecapri" above the mountains. Like the Telecapri logo, the logo zooms in, as the scene zooms in to the black background, making the screen completely black. The logo then fades out.

Technique: The animation consists of very early 2D computer effects; not too pretty by today's standards.

Music/Sounds: TBA

Availability: Ultra rare. May be found on tapes featuring commercials from this time period.

2nd Logo (Early 1990's)

Logo: In a television control room, full of computer screens and controls, we see a grey silhouette walk in to the room, and press a button on one of the objects and a key on the computer, which makes the scene on two of the screens change from a green screen, to a ring on a space background with stars, and a blue layer below it. The scene then changes to the same scene depicted on the computer monitor, in which a white circle zooms out, and goes to the upper left hand corner, as three outlines of stars zoom in to the center. They all zoom in closer to the screen, as three outlines of circles (One red, one yellow, and one blue) zoom out to the center. "Retecapri" in white, then zooms/flips in below the three circles, as three more circles (this time, with the colors filled in them) collide with the other circles. The logo stays on screen for a few seconds, and fades to black.

Variants: A short version exists, where it begins when the stars appear.

Technique: The whole logo. Even taking the well-animated first part into account, the animation is dated for when it was first used. Also, the remainder just seems lazy.

Music/Sounds: A soft, mid-tempo beat.

Availability: Very rare. Considering this logo is more recent, it may have higher chances of being found on older tapes.

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