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Background: Reel Corporation was formed in 1993 as a small scale video distributor. In 2007, Roadshow Entertainment brought Reel and now uses the label to release smaller and less successful titles from the Village Roadshow library.

1st Logo (1995?-2003?)

Logo: We see a square split into four segments. On the left we have a white 'R" which is fully colored in. In the middle are two E's which are made up of rectangles. A thick black line separates the E's. On the right is a white L. Any part of the square not part of a letter is colored red.

Technique: None

Music/Sounds: None

Availability: Very rare. Appears on 1997 Australian VHS releases of all 3 volumes of The Dreamstone. Also appeared on early DVDs including Breaker Morant, Now and Then (it is intact on the 2000s or 2010s DVD reprint and on it's 2003 release as well) and a DVD release of Thunderbirds followed by the 1999 Carlton Home Entertainment logo. It also appears on 1995 Australian VHS releases of Joshua Jones. It was also seen on their DVD releases of Up Close & Personal, Blink, Little Voice and Wuthering Heights (1992).

2nd Logo (2002?-2007)

Logo: We see the 'R' from the previous logo shift in from the left of the screen. The the top 'E' moves in from the top of the screen. The 'L' moves in from the right of screen. Finally the bottom 'E' moves in from the bottom of the screen. The finished product is the same as the previous logo.

Technique: The segments forming the REEL logo.

Music/Sounds: 4 loud bangs when each segment appears.

Availability: Rare. Has appeared on a DVD release of the movie Storm Boy strangely, that release has a print logo corresponding to the next logo, possibly because Reel was transitioning to the new logo at the time. it also appears on later releases of Breaker Morant.

3rd Logo (2007-)

Logo: On a white background we see cube with the REEL logo on each of it's sides. The cube flies in from the left and starts to move into the centre while the cube locks itself into place. Once the cube is complete we see the words "REEL DVD" fade in underneath

Technique: The moving of the cube, the fading of the text.

Music/Sounds: A electronic whoosh followed by a static sound accompanied by a movie countdown reel sound

Availability: Rare. Most REEL releases from this time are older Roadshow releases with different labeling and therefore has their logo on it (examples of this include She's All That, Autumn in New York, Crossroads, Wild Things, Sugar & Spice, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Bed of Roses and Three to Tango). It can be found on first release material, mainly sports material. It can be also found on the DVD release of The Crying Game. It's also seen on the Region 4 DVD Release of Totally Spies! The Movie. It can be seen on their DVD release of Sliding Doors.

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