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RedeTV! Itaituba is a RedeTV! affiliate station, formerly named TV Cidade Dourada. As it's own name suggests, it's located in the Itaituba county in the state of Pará.

1st logo (2008-2009?)

TV Cidade Dourada (2008).png

Nicknames: "Brazil's Most Horrendous Thing", "The Strange Liquid Background", "RedeTV! Must Be Sick", "The Winamp AVS Logo", "Not-So-Kingish"

Logo: In a black background (complete with the titlebar at the extreme top, reading "VISUALIZER"), a lot of purple and red stars move forward the screen and they turn into some kind of liquid (?). Then a bunch of video and images appear like:

  • A video that let us see the sunshine in the forest.
  • A transmitter on a sky background.
  • A building that has the RedeTV! logo print on it.
  • The TV Cidade Dourada and the RedeTV! logo print on a green-blue background.

And then the TV Cidade Dourada logo zooms in from the sunshine, while as the same time, the RedeTV! logo also zooms in and rotates at the same time from its print logo. And after that, we cut to the same background, but this time, we see a bunch of people doing activities in the beach. And finally, the "RedeTV" word slides in, and the "!" zooms in from the corner right after that.

Trivia: The background is actually Winamp's Adavanced Visualization Studio visualizer. The preset used is "Kingish" made by Sander "S_KuPeRS" Kupers as a part of the "Winamp 5 Picks" pack.

FX/SFX: Everything in the logo.

Music/Sounds: An UFO-like sound at the beginning, a disco tune in the middle, end with the whoosh sound, and the Brazillian announcer saying.

Availability: Extinct.

Legacy: The horrendous background (due to it being a recording of the Winamp visualizer from a camcorder) a bunch of not-related images or videos whatsoever, music that sound like the creator of it has drunk, and a bunch of bad 2D animation. And combine it together, you have one of the worst "vinheta" ever made. This logo is so bad, that's some of the fans say this is worse than the TV Cidade Fortaleza 1994 extended logo, which if you don't remember, is what they say the worst "vinheta" and the worst logo of all time. Plus, the announcer's voice sounds like it was done with a text-to-speech program.

2nd logo (2009-2012)

Nickname: "The Black Ball''

Logo: In a black background, we see the "TV Cidade Dourada" and its logo stands in the center. Then, it transforms into a ball on the same background that has the same "TV Cidade Dourada" logo and is printed on the center and the under of the screen. Another ball that has the RedeTV! logo in it and rolls into the center from the corner right of the screen, and as the same time, the "TV Cidade Dourada" ball goes to the corner left of the screen and disappears. Then the "RedeTV! ball" covers all the screen, a CGI camera moves from the right to the left of the screen, and the "RedeTV!" logo disappears an gives the screen to the "TV Cidade Dourada" logo. Finally, there is a shining move to the left, the logo slowly zooms in, and the "Canal 4" appears underneath it.

FX/SFX: Everything in the logo.

Music/Sounds: A disco tune, and the Brazillian announcer saying.

Availability: Extinct.

Legacy: While it's a slight improvement over the previous logo and isn't disliked as much as the first one, it doesn't change the fact that it looks like a Blender or a Cinema 4D project. (And it kinda is!)

3rd logo (2009-2012)

Nickname: "The Horrendous Mixture"

Logo: At the start of the logo, we see a picture of the sunshine on the beach while the "TV Cidade Dourada" logo is in the ceter of the screen. And when the picture zooms out to the left, a bunch of things is going on like:

  • Yellow basketball seams spin around the picture after its transition to the left.
  • A background that has the same picture at the beginning, it is on the top and the under of the screen and is in a very unusual size.
  • And speaking of which, the background also has an image of the sky at the evening, a bunch of tree, a RedeTV! logo that is in the center of the screen, and it goes to the Northwest of the screen.
  • Two line that moves around in the Southeast of the screen.
  • And a bunch of the "TV Cidade Dourada" logo slides down, but now, they aren't have the text underneath them.

And then a logo from the those "Sliding TV Cidade Dourada logo" moves to the bottom right of the screen, and the background suddenly changes to a dark-blue background. In the background, we see a gray basketball spins to the left, there is a "TV Cidade Dourada" logo in the center of the sphere, and a bunch of lines spins around the sphere. Then, another "TV Cidade Dourada" logo fades in at the top left of the screen, zooms out to the center, and the logo from the bottom right disappears. The logo flies to the top left of the screen, the background changes to a dark blue background with a 3-D oval spins, and when the logo flies into the center of the oval, the logo turns to small dust (?). Finally, the oval changes its rotation, the dusts form into the "RedeTV!", and it zooms in to the center.

FX/SFX: Everything in the logo.

Music/Sounds: A snippet from the "Played-A-Live" by Safri Duo, and the Brazillian announcer says: "TV Cidade Dourada, affiliated with RedeTV!".

Availability: Again, extinct.

Legacy: This logo is hated by many people in the logo community for its non-existent animation, the confusing transition and the terrible background. The cool music saves it a little bit, but not too much.

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