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Record Vision Video Entertainment is a Spanish video distributor which was founded likely in the early 80s, also based in Barcelona.

1st Logo (Mid-Late 1980s)

Record Vision 1.png

Logo: The footage as shown in the Universal Video logo normally plays, whilst the logo (consisting of two, bunch of white-blue filmstrips containing the words "RECORD" and "VISION" in each filmstrip) fades & zooms in slowly. Once the grid moves, it freezes.

Technique: The footage, the logo fading & zooming in.

Music/Sounds: A bunch of electric, synthesized notes with a few trumpet sounds.

Availability: Can be seen on their early releases at the time. This logo can also be seen on Video Frame Internacional releases.

2nd Logo (Late 1980s-Mid 1990s)

Logo: On a black background, two light blue horizontal lines appear from the left and right side of the screen and merge together. The resulting line then splits in two, and both lines move towards the top and the bottom of the screen, leaving a blue background after them. Outlined white letters appear sliding from left to right, forming the words "RECORD VISION", which are filled in white (sliding in the opposite way). An interlined "SOCIEDAD ANÓNIMA" appears below the logo, and two horizontal orange lines slide form the left and right sides of the screen, placing themselves on both sides of the logo. "Presenta", in a handwritten light blue font, writes itself at the bottom of the logo. Once the voice-over finishes, the music abruptly stops, and a "side-splitting" transition leaves place to another plain black background.

Variants: On some releases, the logo's animation ends with each sub labels below.

  • MidWest: The texts "Mid" and "West" in purple & red slide both above & below. Then the text "FILMS ENTERTAINMENT" slides onto the left. A red star flies, rotates and is placed on top of the "i" on "Mid".
  • Record International: A bunch of 5 light blue lines, each forming a star, fades in. A black vignette zooms out, then zooms back in. The "REC" and "RD" texts fade in. The outlines for the text with 2 lines appear instantly, then "INTERNATIONAL" is being typed in between 2 lines.
  • Record Junior: An orange ball with a black face & red-like hat rotates & sildes to the right to reveal the orange "REC" and "RD" text in a white outline. The ball then moves & flies, to get placed next to the "C" and "R". 2 white lines with the text "JUNIOR" slides below. The ball slightly moves and blinks once.
  • Record Pictures: A set of green lines zoom out while spinning, revealing itself to be a New World-like "sliced" sphere. It places itself on the middle part of the screen as two sets of green letters with a white outline - R, E, and C sliding from the left, R and D from the right - forming the word "RECORD". "Pictures" fades in below in a fancy handwritten font, and an horizontal line slides from the left, underlining the logo and finishing it.

Technique: Typical mid '80s 2D computer animation.

Music/Sounds: It starts with a timpani roll and follows with a bombastic horn fanfare, which is abruptly stopped. A voice-over (same announcer in the Filmax logos, Constantino Romero, who is very famous in Spain for his work) says "Record Visión presenta...".

Availability: Can be seen on late releases of the company.

3rd Logo (Late 1980s-Mid 1990s)

Record Vision 3.png

Logo: On a zooming blue space background, a glowing red 3D sphere zooms in, causing the background to turn white. The sphere zooms out, and it opens itself as it contains the space surface, then a silver "R" shape rotates behind the sphere. The "RECORD VISION" text zooms in on a different trail effect, then the text "VIDEO ENTERTAINMENT", sandwiched between 2 lines fades in.

Technique: The sphere zooming in, the zooming & fading of the texts.

Music/Sounds: Same as the above, with different changes.

Availability: Currently seen on their "late 80s" to "mid 90s" releases.

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