Rave Motion Pictures

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Descriptions by
HiddenResearcher and TheLogoFan2004

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Video captures courtesy of
FT Depot


Rave Motion Pictures is an American cinema chain formed in 1999 by Thomas W. Stevenson Jr. In 2009, the brand was sold to private investors and was renamed to Rave Cinemas and in 2012, their cinemas were sold to Carmike Cinemas, AMC, Starplex Cinemas and Cinemark (which would acquire the Rave trademark).


Logo: A starfield fades into view. The camera performs a 180 and we see a countdown starting at 5, with a female voice-over counting down on-screen. After it reaches one, we enter some sort of warp tunnel and fall out into space, dodging random meteors, ending with a white flash. The camera zooms out on a planet with a film strip orbiting it, ever growing. Then it cuts to a screen saying "rave motion pictures". Underneath, the slogan enters, letter by letter, reading "THE FUTURE: NOW SHOWING".

Technique: The VO from the woman, whooshing from the meteors. Impressive CGI.

Music/Sounds: A space tune that changes with each transition. It reaches a high point during the meteor sequence and then gets quieter as the logo ends.

Availability: Found in Rave theaters but probably not in use.

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