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Descriptions by
Shadeed A. Kelly

Captures by
Eric S., Shadeed A. Kelly, SubparMario63, snelfu and Logophile


Rastar Television, Inc. (pronounced "Raystar") was the television production division of Columbia Pictures subsidiary, Rastar Films, Inc. The division ceased production in 2000 after their final TV movie Alley Cats Strike! and became an in-name-only unit of Columbia TriStar Television (now Sony Pictures Television).

1st Logo (1982-June 3, 1987)


  • On Ripley's Believe It or Not!, we see the text "A HALEY-LYON-RASTAR PRODUCTION" with the Rastar logo seen beside the names, with the copyright stamp "Copyright © (year) by Rastar Television, Inc." below it, the text "All Rights Reserved", a television code, and the text "IN ASSOCIATION WITH" at the bottom. On 1982 episodes, it's "A HALEY/LYON/RASTAR PRODUCTION". Starting in 1983, the text and Rastar logo are seen below the end credits. On 1984-1986 episodes, the text "A HALEY/LYON" is on top, the Rastar logo is in the middle, and the word "PRODUCTION" is below it.
  • On the short-lived series Blue Thunder, the text says "A RASTAR PRODUCTIONS, INC. and PUBLIC ARTS, INC." with the text "In Association With" below and appears on an azure blue background. On the 8th episode "Payload", the text appears on a blue background. On the 9th episode "The Long Flight", the text appears in-credit.
  • On Nothing in Common, the text reads "A RASTAR Production In Association With".

Technique: The text appearing in or the fade in.

Music/Sounds: The end-title theme from any show.

Availability: Rare, it can be found of the DVD release of Blue Thunder. Was also seen on the first incarnation of Ripley's Believe it or Not! and the short-lived series, Nothing in Common.

2nd Logo (February 20, 1988-March 18, 2000)

Logo: We see the name "RASTAR" in a bold font with a cut-out shape of a star in the second letter "A".

Trivia: The logo was the Rastar logo from the early 1980s as originally seen on theatrical trailers.


  • The logo appears in-credit on The Hollywood Game.
  • On Annie: A Royal Adventure, the logo is on a black background with the letter "A" above it, the word "PRODUCTION" and the text "In Association With" in a News Gothic font.
  • On Alley Cats Strike!, the logo is black and is placed on a light gray background. If you look closely on this variant, the space between the 'T' and 'A' has not been filled in and is white.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: The end-title theme from any show or TV movie.

Availability: Rare. It's seen on the TV movies Annie: A Royal Adventure and Alley Cats Strike!. This was also seen on the short-lived game show The Hollywood Game.

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