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Ralph Andrews Productions was a game show production company that was founded in 1963 by Ralph Andrews. From 1980-1986, RAP had an agreement with Columbia Pictures Television and had an office on the Columbia studio lot in Burbank, CA. All projects had to be presented by CPT for approval and many of them were rejected and RAP had the power to pass the projects to other television studios. They were all unsold pilots. In 1988, RAP went bankrupt and many winners of Lingo and Yahtzee weren't paid. Most of the game show tapes had been destroyed by NBC and ABC. Of the surviving shows, It Takes Two and the 1978 syndicated version of You Don't Say! are currently owned by Mark Phillips Philms and Telephision; The Liar's Club was sold to Golden West Television in 1978 (while the current owners of the format are unknown, the footage of both shows is presumably owned by 20th Television, since Four Star International co-produced the 1988 version and reportedly took over syndication rights for the 1976 version—which was originally distributed by 20th Century-Fox Television—around the same time); and the 1987 version of Lingo is owned by All3Media through IDTV International. Several surviving tapes of game shows are held by the UCLA Film and Television Library. The remainder is unknown.


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Logo: We see the letters "RA" inside an ellipse (similar to the Chuck Barris "CBP" logo). The second leg of the "R" on the right side looks short. The text "A RALPH ANDREWS PRODUCTION" is seen above the logo.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: The game show's theme.

Availability: Extinct. It was only seen on season 1 of The Liar's Club. The rest of their shows use an in-credit notice instead of this logo.

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