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Rai Com is Rai's current international sales division, formed in 2014 as a successor to Rai Trade, which closed three years prior.


Logo: We see a background of floors representing the category names of pieces of media, which cuts to a second sequence where the names move. We cut to a third and fourth sequence as it reveals the categories of media on the floors. As it does, gear sequences are moving on the industrial floor where the names are revealed. It then cuts to a sequence of gears, which consists of a paper rolling over a stamp, which is revealed to be a Rai Com logo, consisting of the "Rai" square, and "Com" (set in Rai's corotate typeface, Futura Bold). The logo stands still until it cuts to black.

Variant: There is a version where the logo is moved down, showing the Rai Com stamp at the bottom.

Technique: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: Industrial sounds with a choir are heard throughout, with gears crashing when the name moves, and then a majestic, orchestral fanfare. There are sounds of gears moving on the paper sequence that ends in a majestic, orchestral note. Starting in late 2018, a rearranged fanfare is used, which sounds calmer and more peaceful.

Availability: Current. Seen on some international releases of many Rai productions, as well as DVD releases of some Titanus titles. It can be also seen on many international releases of films like I nostri ragazzi (2014), Per amor vostro (2015), Sei mai stata sulla luna (2015), Cloro (2015), Fiore (2016), and Dogman (2018).

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