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Radical Sheep Productions is a Canadian children's television production company who's most popular production was The Big Comfy Couch. Founded in 1985 by Henson puppeteer Robert Mills, the company also once housed the "Sheep Shop", which provided puppet construction and design services until 2003 when it closed its doors. In 2016, Boat Rocker Media purchased Radical Sheep Productions, which continued operating as Boat Rocker's family and children's media unit.

1st Logo (March 2, 1992-1999)

Radical Sheep Productions (1992).jpg

Logo: On a black background with blue light in the lower right corner, we see the words "RADICAL SHEEP" in a bold white font. Below it, a star writes the words "Radical Sheep Productions" in Mistral with a little shine when it ends. Everything casts a shadow.


  • On an airing of one episode of The Big Comfy Couch, during the "Baa!" sound effect, the puppet of Molly (Loonette's doll) pops up in the bottom right corner of the screen moving her head upwards with her arms raised as if she’s jumping.
  • On season 3-4 (1994-1995) of The Big Comfy Couch, there's no fading, cutting straight to the Owl Communications logo.
  • On Amigo and Me, the URL "www.radsheep.com" fades in below.
  • On 2010 prints of Ruffus The Dog, the logo is still with the text already written and is very brief. On some episodes of said show, Ruffus and two piggies dance under the logos, however still. Their dancing continues to the Hunkey Dorey logo, where they reveal the show's URL with a fade wiping effect.

Technique: 2D animation or none.

Music/Sounds: A music box rendition of the first five notes of "Mary Had a Little Lamb", followed by a lamb bleating "beh-eh-eh-eh-eh!". It was introduced in 1993. For the logo's first year, none. From 1994 to 1995, the lamb bleating is delayed for a bit.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • On Amigo and Me, the music box theme and “Baa!” are different sounding.
  • On 2010 prints of Ruffus the Dog, a condensed, reorchestrated version of the 2010 Maryland Public Television jingle is heard over the logo, even though the show predates that logo. This was probably done either intentionally, or as a result of a weird plaster error/goofed editing. Some episodes feature a drumbeat with cymbals as the characters dance.

Availability: This logo can mostly be found in 1992-1996 episodes of The Big Comfy Couch, which can be found on VHS and DVD. The "Molly" variant is long extinct since it only appeared on a certain airing of one episode. It can also be found on Amigo and Me, Ruffus the Dog, and Panda Bear Daycare.

Legacy: This logo is well remembered by those who grew up watching The Big Comfy Couch and other Radical Sheep shows. The Molly variant is also infamous for being one of the hardest and rarest logos to find.

2nd Logo (2000-2006)

Logo: On a blue background, we see a gray sheep with orange wings in the background and the text "RADICAL SHEEP" written below in orange, with "RADICAL" in a futuristic font and "SHEEP" in-between two curved lines.

Variant: On Land O’ Hands, the text is as big as the screen (although the sheep is the same size) and the top half of the background is purple while the bottom is covered in a shadow. There are copyright info and a website below saying:

c. Radical Sheep (Hands) Inc. 2000

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: A remade version of the music. However, PBS airings of The Big Comfy Couch use the previous version of the music.

Availability: Seen on later episodes of The Big Comfy Couch and Land O’ Hands.

Legacy: This is a memorable logo for those who grew up later episodes of The Big Comfy Couch and Land O’ Hands.

3rd Logo (2010-2017)

Logo: On a white background, an orange wing zooms out and quickly spins in a 360-degree loop, revealing the rest of the winged sheep from the previous logo. As it zooms out, "RADICAL" in the same font as before, writes in below, and "SHEEP" fades in below and quickly moves up, with it and the 2 curved lines slowly moving away from each other. The logo slowly zooms out.

Variant: An early version of the logo exists where the sheep flies in, with its wings quickly flapping, and rests in its position. The text simply wipes in below and there is a copyright for Stella and Sam Productions along with an ISBN code.

Technique: Simple 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of the show.

Availability: No longer current. Seen on Fangbone!, The Next Step, The Bagel and Becky Show, Ollie! The Boy Who Became What He Ate, and Stella and Sam, in which the latter had the early version.

4th Logo (2017-)

Logo: On a gradient white background, we see a sheep made with 2 ovals for the ears, a triangle of the head, a cloudy aqua green wool and two rectangles for legs. On a bottom was the text Radical Sheep in purple.

Variant: There is a version where the sheep is the "O" in the big word "Junior" below the Radical Sheep name. On The Polos, this is on a black background on the bottom with the Jam Filled logo on top. On Ollie: The Boy Who Became What He Ate, this is on a green background.

Technique: 2D animation. For the "Junior" variant, none.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of the show.

Availability: Current. First seen on season 6 of The Next Step. The "Junior" variant was seen on Radical Sheep's preschool-oriented shows, including The Polos and Ollie: The Boy Who Became What He Ate.

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