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RTV Politika was a television station located in Serbia, owned by news company Politika A.D. which started broadcasting in June 28, 1990. During the War of FR Yugoslavia the station constantly aired bootleg copies of recent movies, sometimes to divert the public's attention to opposition party members. The station wouldn't receive a new license after 2006 and had to stop broadcasting terrestrially - operations continued in cable TV until 2010, when the station became defunct.


Logo: Over an abstract blue/green/red light background transparent tabloids of the Politika newspaper are seen scrolling up. Meanwhile, the metallic text "РТВ" and "Политика" appear in front of the background moving, "РТВ" rotating in and scrolling to the left while "Политика" is shown in a bottom perspective, also rotating. The tabloids can be seen reflected in "Политика". Two flares drop down into the "о", while blue, green and red comets shoot to the screen once "РТВ" disappears. A CG clock fades into the right of the screen as the remaining text fades out. The same words, now in 2D, then appear on the screen, each letter of "РТВ" rotating in continuously and "Политика" appearing by a burst of light. The background becomes still, and after a few seconds the logo fades out as it segues to the station's calendar sequence.

Technique: Advanced CGI.

Music/Sounds: A synth fanfare, with the corresponding sounds.

Availability: Extinct on TV.

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