RTL Productions

From Audiovisual Identity Database

1st logo (1992-1994)

Logo: On a blue cloud background we see a German text on here then has RTL.

Technique: Effects

Music/Sounds: Silent

Availiability: Rare.

2nd logo (1996-1998)

Logo: On a multicoloured background we see RTL on here and German text.

Technique: The moving

Music/Sounds: Silent

Availiability: Seen at the end a RTL shows.

3rd logo (1998-2002)

Logo: On a blue background we see a IM AUFTRAG VON a text German text then has a RTL logo.

Variant: A longer version has a blue cloud background animation.

Technique: The effects

Music/Sounds: The end theme of the show or a three-note synth tune.

Availiability: Seen at the end a RTL shows on DVD. The music variant seen at the end news programmes.

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