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RLO TV (standing for Radio Limerick One Television) was a pirate television station broadcast in Limerick, Ireland between 1999 and 2001. RLO TV ended broadcasting after the Gardaí raided the station in 2001.


Rlo tv1.jpg

Logo:A CGI remote flies onto the screen and turns towards the viewer, a flash quickly appears from the infrared transmitter on the remote that turns into the letters "RLO" in red with a blue shadow and a smaller "TV" written in yellow, the screen flashes white a few times before cutting to blue fake static.

Technique: CGI used for the remote.

Music/Sounds: There is a fast paced drumming techno soundtrack.

Availability: Extinct. The station only broadcast for about 2 years and logos for the station could be seen in it's promos.

Legacy: The content broadcast from this station can be found online uploaded by former personnel associated with the station.

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