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RKO Radio Films of Italy (aka Radio Pictures of Italy) was a division of RKO Radio Pictures targeted to releasing films for the Italian market.

1st Logo (1933-1959)

Logo: Same as the 1929 RKO Radio Pictures logo, but the text either says "La Radio Pictures presenta" (1936-late 1930s) or "la RKO Radio Films presenta" (1940s-1959) in a slightly different font.


  • Depending on the film, it can be slightly toned in different colors, like in green commonly seen in the 1930s and in gray.
  • Starting in the 1940s, the text is smaller, and "presenta" is underneath the tower.

Technique: Same as its American counterpart.

Music/Sounds: Same as its American counterpart.

Availability: Very rare. It was only seen on Italian prints of RKO Radio Pictures movies such as It Happened Tomorrow (alongside with the next logo). The "Radio Pictures" version was seen on films like the Italian print of the lost film Deluge. The logo does not appear on any Disney film RKO released in Italy.

2nd Logo (May 28, 1944)

RKO Radio Films (Italian Closing Variant, 1944-1946).png

Logo: Same as the 1929 closing logo, but with the text "FINE" cheaply placed in front. Also, "FILMS" replaces "PICTURES".

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: The closing theme of the movie.

Availability: Extinct. Only seen on the closing of a Rai 1 airing of It Happened Tomorrow, with the previous logo. Its unknown if other films have this logo.

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