From Audiovisual Identity Database

1st Logo (20??-)

Logo: There is a map of Earth taking up the superimposition of a digital satellite. A light comes in and draws a curve. Then, a real satellite (that you would expect from Space) flies around with a ghost/shadow of it following. The light draws away and blue rectangles that consist of the yellow word "R I K" rise up. After that, the metal word "Sat" wipes in.

Technique: Not bad animation.

Music/Sounds: A groovy-like 4-note tune.

Availability: It was seen on the channel.

2nd Logo (201?-)

Logo: TBA

Technique: Very good animation here!

Music/Sounds: A calm note with whooshes plays, then it becomes a powerful fanfare. 3 notes (or 4?) and a flourish are heard at the end.

Availability: See the previous logo.

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