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1st Logo (1980s)

Logo: "QUARTZ VIDEO" fades in on a spinning background consisting of multi-colored lights forming, which happens to be from a 1978 HBO bumper. While the background zooms in, the footage loops for the rest of the logo. Shortly after, the logo fades and "Presenta:" or "Distribuye:" in white with a gray shadow takes its place.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Music/Sounds: An except of "Menergy" by Patrick Cowley.

Availability: Seen on some releases, including a Spanish tape of Hakushon daimaô.

2nd Logo (1980s)

Logo: We fade into a close-up of four yellow crystals with four red lines behind it as well as a star to the left of the crystals. Zooming out slowly, the camera reveals "Quartz Video S.A." in yellow with a green gradient at the bottom. "Quartz" is in a big font size underneath the crystals whereas "VIDEO" is smaller and "S.A." is tinier as another red line is placed underneath "QUARTZ" as well as on the same row as "VIDEO". After many seconds, the camera zooms back into the crystals.

Technique: Camera controlled animation.

Music/Sounds: An instrumental done with percussions such as drums and a glockenspiel.

Availability: Seen on a Spanish tape of La Explosion del Poseidon.

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