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Torchlady, Eric S., James Fabiano, mr3rious and thehugetvfan

Captures by
Eric S., mr3rious, RSX-798, TheEriccorpinc and CnowEnt

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Eric S., EnormousRat, mcydodge919, ClosingLogosHD, LogicSmash and Broken Saw


Qintex Entertainment was formed in 1988 from a merger of two production companies Hal Roach Studios and Robert Halmi Inc. with the backing of Australian financier Qintex. It had attempted to purchase MGM/UA Communications Co., which never came to fruition. Qintex Entertainment filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in October 1989; they had owed MCA Inc. $5.95 million as part of a distribution deal, which they were unable to pay. It was later renamed to RHI Entertainment in 1990 following a sale to the Halmi group with New Line Cinema.


Logo: Against a black/dark gray gradient background, two pairs of searchlights move back and forth, and we see the text "A QINTEX PRODUCTION". Then the spotlights wipe away the text and wipe in a golden-yellow square with rounded corners (a la Genesis Entertainment) with a segmented "Q" inside it. The box zooms out and then the words "A QINTEX PRODUCTION" fade in below.


  • The opening version contains the text "PRESENTS" once the logo finishes zooming out.
  • A later variant referred to the company as "QINTEX ENTERTAINMENT".
  • The opening later version has the text reading as "QINTEX ENTERTAINMENT PRESENTS".
  • A distribution variant features the text "DISTRIBUTED BY QINTEX ENTERTAINMENT".
  • A short version of the logo exists where the square is already formed and then the text appears as usual.
  • On later episodes of T and T, the Nelvana logo flips around to reveal this logo.

Technique: Computer animation.

Music/Sounds: A synth humming sound with laser zaps at the beginning. Part of this is made up of a preset off the Roland D-50 synthesizer, called "Soundtrack".

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • There was a variant with a male voice-over saying "A Qintex Production" (pronouncing it "quin-tex").
  • On later episodes of T and T, the theme finishes over the logo before the synth humming kicks in.
  • On Barnum, Rollergames and some episodes of T and T, the closing theme plays over the logo.
  • Sometimes, the theme is shortened.

Availability: Extremely rare.

  • It was seen on syndicated episodes of The New Leave it to Beaver and McHale's Navy ; it was also seen on Kids Incorporated.
  • On home media and recent airings of the mini-series Lonesome Dove, the logo is plastered by the RHI Entertainment logo leaving the music intact.
  • The T and T variant was last seen when reran on Canadian cable network Showcase in the 2000s; the current prints (as seen on the YTV Direct YouTube channel) have it and the Nelvana logo scrubbed and replaced by the 2004 Nelvana logo, although the episode "Thicker Than Water" leaves this logo intact.
  • It was also spotted on the 1988 CEL Video colorized release of Santa Fe Trail.
  • Appeared at the beginning and end of Tubi's print of Bridesmaids.
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