Promec Television

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1st Logo (1979-1986)

Logo: TBA

Technique: The effects of the logo seems to reek from 60's/70's, but started to date in the early 80's.

Music/Sounds: An high-pitched conditioner sound, which segues into 2 sets of descending zapping bleeps, and then a bombastic fanfare, and the announcer saying the company's name.

Availability: Seen on the shows produced at the time.

2nd Logo (1986-1991)


Logo: Over a blue gradient background, red lines appear from the sides forming a squiggly square icon. The outline of a square then expands from the center of the logo. A rainbow streak comes to form "PROMEC" as a flash appears from behind and a star wipes in the word "TELEVISION", both texts in shades of yellow. Finally, a TV-shaped tube outline in yellow draws in and a flash occurs at the center.

Technique: 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: An action/news fanfare, with an ascending white note at the beginning, and the announcer saying "Promec Televisión presenta el siguiente programa..."

Availability: Extinct.

3rd Logo (1988-1991)

Logo: TBA

Technique: The animation, reminiscent of the MTV IDs.

Music/Sounds: From what we have of the logo, it consists of a synth fanfare which ascends one note every time we zoom to the television and the letters change. At the end, the announcer says the company's name and we hear a rising synth note.

Availability: Same as the last logo. Might be shown on comedy productions from Promec.

4th Logo (1991)


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