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Producers Releasing Corporation, commonly known as "PRC", was founded as "Producers Pictures Corporation" by Ben Judell, who had acquired Grand National's studio in 1939 and installed brothers Sigmund Neufeld and Sam Newfield as producer and director, respectively. Judell would head up Producers Distribution Company for PPC's and others' output. But after a mere seven pictures, PDC declared bankruptcy, and PPC was absorbed by Pathé, who rechristened them Producers Releasing Corporation. Like many B-movie companies on "Poverty Row", PRC shot a lot of outdoor pictures (Westerns, jungle pictures, action-adventures and the like) to avoid the expense of building interior sets, and utilized little-known or once-was actors. They were notorious quick-shooters, often turning out a picture in six days from start to finish. But PRC found something of a niche in the horror genre, especially after the arrival of German auteur Edgar G. Ulmer in 1942. Of the films he helmed, three - "Detour", "Strange Illusion" and "Bluebeard" - are considered minor classics in the genre of film noir. The distribution arm of PRC would be purchased by Rank Organisation subsidiary Eagle-Lion in 1947, but the studio continued to produce films (often as "The New PRC") until 1948, when it was absorbed by Eagle-Lion as well.

Producers Pictures Corporation


Producers Releasing Corporation

Producers Pictures Corporation


Producers Pictures Corporation.jpeg

Logo: A circular looking banner features "PRODUCERS" at the top and "PICTURES CORPORATION" at the bottom with a drawing of a tiger's face in the middle.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: A dramatic fanfare.

Availability: Rare. Can be seen on Torture Ship.

Producers Releasing Corporation

1st Logo (1940-1942)

Logo: On top of a pedestal are the letters P.R.C., facing towards the left. At the bottom of the pedestal are clouds. In the background is an arch, that rotates, and written on it is "Producers Releasing Corporation". The skyline of a city is also visible in the background.

Variant: There's also a still variant. Also there's a colorized variant.

Technique: The rotating arch.

Music/Sounds: Two different fanfares were used in this logo,the first one is the previous logo's theme, the second one was also used in the second logo.

Availability: Rare. Most PRC movies have passed into public domain, and as a result quality often varies, and the logo may or may not appear.

2nd Logo (1942-1944)


Logo: Against a thickly-clouded backdrop, a futuristic trio of letters - specifically "PRC" - zoom in until they fill almost the entire screen. The letters are turned 45 degrees towards the observer.

Technique: The letters zooming in.

Music/Sounds: A dramatic fanfare, which varied from film to film.

Availability: Somewhat rare.

3rd Logo (1944)

KKOLgK94eBN4n YVtPybJw46216.jpeg

Logo: The letters PRC stand on top of a pedestal, with "pictures" written on the pedestal, facing left. The skyline of a city is visible in the background.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: A dramatic fanfare.

Availability: Rare, only used for a short time.

4th Logo (1944-1946)


Logo: The futuristic letters are the same as above, except they don't zoom; they're merely set within a rectangle, with the legend "Pictures, Inc.", in script, set in an oblong below it. The overall effect is a carved marble slab.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: Again, a fanfare that varies from film to film, and usually set apart from the film's main theme.

Availability: Very rare. Less than ten PRC pictures ever bore this logo.

5th Logo (1947-1948)


Logo: The futuristic letters of the previous logos have been narrowed considerably, and are now set against a Badlands-type backdrop at sunset. Above the letters, in script, is "The New"; below it, the word "Presents", also in script.

Technique: N/A.

Music/Sounds: The opening of the film's main theme.

Availability: Very rare. Only six films bore this logo.

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